Know how Packers and movers will helpful for you

Looking for a Packers and movers near me but do not know what it can do for you? You are on the right page. This article will detail for you all the moving services available to facilitate your move to your new home.

What are the moving services?

Packers and movers in Dombivli provides a wide range of moving services and can meet all your needs. Thanks to a wide choice of options, your project is fully customizable and adapts to the specificities of your move. We have compiled a list below with the different services offered by the Packers and movers in Dombivli east companies and their content.

  • Moving of particular
  • Moving company or office
  • Moving of the Furniture
  • International transport
  • Packaging services
  • Moving boxes
  • Special moves
  • Move a piano
  • Cleaning
  • Disassembly / Reassembly
  • Services of a handyman
  • Storage room
  • Administrative services


we always use best & fastest services

Moving of particular

The Packers and movers expert will handle all phase of your movement. Whether you move to the same street a little further or to a new city 240 km away, the moving company will help you move your goods to your new home quickly and safely. Thanks to their expertise in moving, the transport and loading of your goods will be taken care of so that everything goes well and in all serenity.

Moving company or office

Packers in Dombivli professionals are also able to manage your relocation project if you are a company that wants to change offices. Working on several aspects, such as assistance programs for the transfer of personnel, the renovation of furniture and the removal of waste and bulky objects, Packers and movers in Dombivali west ensure that the move of your things will occur in safe conditions.

Furniture in motion

You have already packed everything and you only need to carry large furniture? Or have you just sold your sofa online and you need to have it delivered to the buyer? So make your furniture moving relax with help of Best Packers and movers in Dombivli.

International Transport

Moving to another country for your job? Or do you simply need to change the scenery? Whatever your situation, a moving company that can organize your move abroad will facilitate this important moment in your life. Whether it is to coordinate the shipment of your belongings or assist you in your adaptation to a new culture, a moving company will help you make even the most difficult moves.

Packaging services

Movers and Packers in Dombivali companies offer you to professionally pack all your valuable goods for safe transportation. Skilled movers use packaging, cardboard, tape and lids to properly protect and pack your belongings. As a general rule, movers are held responsible for the goods they have packed.

Moving materials

You also have the option of purchasing packaging materials from certain professional movers, either for your own use or for the use of the movers as part of their packaging services. The rate will varies according to the Wearhouse service in Dombivli and your requirement.

Special removals

If you have fragile antiques, bulky and voluminous items such as a grandfather clock or a piece of art, you will need a moving specialist to transport these items. With Movers and Packers dedicated training and tools, your precious assets will be in good hands.

Move a piano

For pianos, it is not enough to lift them and load them on a vehicle, you also need proper protection and equipment to make sure they are not damaged and stay tuned. By providing packer and moving services, theses specialists proffer you the assurance of keeping your gadget in ideal condition.


Prime Packers and Movers is a dedicated company that specializes in packers and movers service in Dombivili. If you are planning on moving to your new house that you recently bought, you will probably have to go through a lot of difficulty and trouble to shift all of your furniture, electronic appliances like your Television and your fridge, your clothes, your cupboards, books, etc. The list seems to go on forever. During such times of trouble, packers and movers in Dombivili of Prime Packers and Movers can lift the weight of your shoulders by taking the responsibility of moving large objects like furniture from one location to another safely. The employees of Prime Packers and Movers are professionals and have the skills and the strength required to carry out this strenuous process efficiently. Our company’s packers and movers in Dombivili is the best option for the residents of Dombivili if you are shifting houses, carrying artifacts, precious goods or any other kind of good that you can think of.


There are a number of services that we provide which would benefit your motives tremendously.
● We provide doorstep services to our clients. All the goods that we will be asked to pick up or drop will be done at your doorstep. You won’t have to walk a single step as the goods will be delivered to you directly.
● We also understand that our clients need our packers and movers in Dombivili to move particular goods as fast as possible and in a very coordinated and organized manner.
● The Packers and movers in Dombivili have taken professional training which enables the employees of Prime Packers and Movers to move, shift and deliver goods smoothly and safely without causing any damage to the goods
● The most advanced and modern techniques are used by Prime Packers and Movers's packers and movers in Dombivili to guarantee the maximum efficiency of the service we provide. Using sophisticated technology also reduces the possibility of bringing harm to any of the goods, especially those which are fragile and breakable.
● We try our best to lend our packing and moving services to you at the best price possible so as to fit your budget.


● XYZ’s packers and movers in Dombivili can also provide you with additional assistance that you might need. We can help you move the goods safely into your house to the exact place where you want us to keep them
● We always can provide you assistance with other tasks like clarifying your queries, filling out legal documents, etc.
● If you need your delivered goods to arranged and organized neatly, our packers and movers in Dombivili can help you with that as well.
● We are one of the best services providing packers and movers in Dombivili and we can promise you that in our hands, the safety of your goods won’t be compromised.
● We are happy to address any of the queries you might have through our customer service executives.
● The Packers and movers in Dombivili can help you with household moving, office moving, moving of priceless and precious artifacts etc.

Our Packers and movers service covers following areas:

Sandap gaon, Navneet nagar, Sagaon, Lodha vihar, Bhopar road, Nandivali, Desle pada, P&T colony, Ramchandra nagar, Tukaram nagar, Bharat nagar, Shanti nagar, Datta nagar, Ram nagar, Manpada road, Pendse nagar, Tilak road, Agarkar road, Savarkar road, Saraswat colony, Thakurli, Gopal nagar, Gograswadi, Sant namdev road, Sagarli gaon, Sudarshan nagar, Milap nagar, Sudama nagar, Kanchan gaon, Kachora gaon, Trimurti nagar, Mhatre nagar, Sunil nagar, Gandhi nagar, Patharli road, Rajaji path, Patkar road, Chedda road, Chittranjan road, Shiv mandir road, DNC road, Pandurang wadi, Ayre road, Kopar, Juni dombivli, Thakur wadi, Siddhartha nagar, Devi chauk, Umesh nagar, Kalu nagar, Garibachawada, Kumbharkhan pada, Ambika nagar, Nava pada, Chinchodyacha pada, Maharashtra nagar, Jaihind colony, Subhash chandra bose road, Mahatma phule road, Ghanashyam gupte road, Pandit din dayal upadhyay road, Old dombivli road, Shanti nagar, Nilje gaon, Katai village, Palava city by lodha, Sagarli gaon, Lodha casa rio, Casa bella, Lodha casa rio gold road, 90 feet road.

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